Bushra Rehman

Tamiko Beyer and Busha Rehman are Lambda Literary Award Finalists

Major congrats, dear Tamiko and dear Bushra!


  • A Wild Surmise: New & Selected Poems & Recordings, Eloise Klein Healy, Red Hen Press
  • Chopper! Chopper! Poetry From Bordered Lives, Veronica Reyes, Red Hen Press/Arktoi Books
  • Chord Box, Elizabeth Lindsey Rogers, The University of Arkansas Press
  • The Collected Poems of Ai, Ai, W.W. Norton & Company
  • The Exchange, Sophie Cabot Black, Graywolf Press
  • Proxy, R. Erica Doyle, Belladonna Collaborative
  • Rise in the Fall, Ana Bozicevic, Birds, LLC
  • She Has a Name, Kamilah Aisha Moon, Four Way Books
  • Viral, Suzanne Parker, Alice James Books
  • We Come Elemental, Tamiko Beyer, Alice James Books


  • Corona, Bushra Rehman, Sibling Rivalry Press
  • Hild: A Novel, Nicola Griffith, Farrar, Straus and Giroux
  • In His Secret Life, Mel Bossa, Bold Strokes Books
  • My Education, Susan Choi, Penguin Group/Viking
  • The Two Hotel Francforts: A Novel, David Leavitt, Bloomsbury

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Bushra Rehman is Poets & Writers' August Writer in Residence

Congrats, dear Bushra! 

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Bushra Rehman’s mother says Bushra was born in an ambulance flying through the streets of Brooklyn. Her father is not so sure. Since there are no definitive records of the time of her birth, there is no real way of knowing, but it would explain a few things. Bushra is a vagabond poet who traveled for years with nothing more than a greyhound ticket and a book bag full of poems. Now, she performs her poetry regularly in theaters and colleges around the world. Lately, she’s been spending her time flying through the streets of Brooklyn and writing an on the road adventure novel for Muslim girls.

Bushra Rehman interview now up at The Village Voice

Congrats to our dear Bushra! 

Read the article here: bit.ly/15hr8PS 

Bushra Rehman's first novel, Corona, is a fragmented, poetic, on-the-road adventure told from the perspective of the charismatic Razia Mirza. After coming of age in a tight Muslim community surrounding the first Sunni Masjid built in New York City, a rebellious streak leads to Razia's excommunication, prompting the young heroine to flee. Stories that alternate between childhood memories and the misadventures of her young adulthood slowly reveal glimpses of the past that Razia is escaping and the Queens neighborhood that has shaped her life.

Rehman's poems, stories, and essays have been featured on  BBC  radio and in the New York Times, among other publications, and she co-edited the anthology Colonize This! Young Women of Color on Today's Feminism. Here, via e-mail, she talks about the Muslim community in her native borough, being a new mother, and why her protagonist aspires to be shameless.

Bushra Rehman is featured in Poets & Writers magazine's annual debut fiction round-up for her book Corona

Congrats, Bushra!

From Poets & Writers

For our thirteenth annual roundup of the summer’s best debut fiction, we asked five established authors to introduce this year’s group of debut writers. Read the July/August 2013 issue of the magazine for interviews between Paul Harding and NoViolet Bulawayo, Karen Russell and Bushra Rehman, Nathan Englander and Bill Cheng, Curtis Sittenfeld and Anton DiSclafani, and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Chinelo Okparanta. But first, check out these exclusive excerpts from the debut novels and story collections.

Read an excerpt here: