lea devylder

What have you learned about yourself? What have you learned from someone else?


When I answered questions in the interview section of the Kavad project, I seemed to gravitate to speaking about the two sides of my biraciality. It did not really surprise me that I wanted to talk about my race, but by thinking through what I wanted to say to someone I barely knew, a part of me, I never really encountered, was enlightened. I discovered three different personas of myself, each one fitting into the three different societies I have been exposed to. The way I act and talk depend on my physical location whether I am in Belgium, Korea or California, however even though I easily morph into one of these societies, I never really feel like I totally belong in one or the other.

By speaking to others, specifically my interviewee, I realized that even though she has a completely different journey and story, she spoke to feelings and emotions that I felt in a totally different setting.

Lea flipping through past issues of  Bridge  magazine with Isabel Veloso (left)! 

Lea flipping through past issues of Bridge magazine with Isabel Veloso (left)!