Write Today: Wordle + Google Translate

For this exercise, resolve some writing demons by using the text of a poem you’ve been struggling with lately. To help explain directions, I’ll be using the lyrics from (Queen) Be(yonce)’s Superpower.

1) Make a Wordle from the text. It will look something like this:


2) Use Google Translate. Translate a line that includes one of your most prominent words, translate that to another language, translate that to another language, do that as many times as you want and then translate it back to English.

I translated a line from English to Traditional Chinese to Latin to Haitian Creole to English. 

The lyrics, “The laws of the world tells us what goes sky” became ”And we shall reign on the earth, what clouds of heaven.”

3) Write a four stanza poem with the translation as your first line. Feel free to use Google Translate to generate the first line of each stanza.

Did you make a great poem? Are you sharing it on your blog or part of it on Twitter or Facebook? Tag it so with #writetoday and let us know!