Tomorrow is April and Tomorrow Starts National Poetry Month

Tomorrow Kundiman’s Fireside blog kicks off National Poetry Month with 9 poets playing every writer’s favorite parlor game—The Exquisite Corpse. Join us each day in April for a poetry prompt, a poet, and of course, a poem.

Until then, a textual montage of poetry in our everyday. 


Beyonce wrote a poem for Frank Ocean once.

Some say science is cold, dealing unemotionally with hard data. But that’s far from the reality. Humanity and life are reflected in the stars, and the Universe itself is poetry.”

“It’s like poetry in motion. It’s almost unfair to everyone else,” said wrestler Clay Drasher.

Our current President? Wrote poems. ::mic drop::

"The first time this happens and players see the ash skull form from their defeated metal carcass is like poetry.”

“I used to tell my senior staff to get me poets as managers,” says Sidney Harman, founder of Harman Industries, a $3 billion producer of sound systems for luxury cars, theaters and airports. 

What’s poetic: justice, female desire, salmon fishing fliesLupita Nyong’o, cricket, tiny homes and the wild.

Special thank you to Kundiman Fellow, Jake Ricafrante, for his help with this post.