tamiko beyer

Tamiko Beyer, Pt. 1: "trash collecting like snow drift / at the curb / we ash out the window we croon

For each day of National Poetry Month one of our fellows will explore the breadth of poetry in three ways: through a question from another fellow, through a poem and through a writing prompt, #writetoday.


Cynthia Arrieu-King asks, “What tends to stir your poetic impulses on the internet?”

Tamiko Beyer responds:

 10 things that stir my poetic impulse on the internet

  1. How it is, at its essence, a digital manifestation of the poetic leap
  2. What it builds through language
  3. How it is a tool by which we are changing the world for better


  1. Images that move me


  1. How I stumble into music
  2. Videos that delight and astound me (and I love that it was my mom who sent me the latter via email)
  3. How it connects us
  4. How it helps me remember
  5. Getting a poem every day in my inbox
  6. How it connects us



Push down to lock

- after Nan Goldin’s “Smokey Car,” 1979

when there was glow

and we cranked

a handle to roll

ourselves down

beer tab and sunlight

pulse and pulse :: once

fingertips ghosted windows

so I filled my lungs with smoke

let the seatbelt dangle full

of longing my denim hip

pressed firmly against yours

my face a thin thing

at your neck inhale sweat and want

my fourth rib and my fifth

knocking at the city skyline

trash collecting like snow drift

at the curb :: we ash

out the window we croon

lay me across vinyl seat split to foam

I am all leg

dearest, earlobe wet

to shudder



Photo by Kian Goh.

Tamiko Beyer is the author of We Come Elemental (Alice James Books) and a corporate-crime fighter.