Soham Patel, Pt. 2 #writetoday

Conduct a “Google Image” search that looks something like this:

“portraits of __[patels]___”  …

but insert instead any one of your names or family names (your sir name or your good name - mother’s/maiden or middle).  Of course you might see yourself. 

Pick one portrait from the search results and focus on it for three minutes.  Write three lines that about that face. 

Now think of one of your family members, given or chosen.  Think about that person’s face for three more minutes and write three lines about that face you are remembering.

(Because Bushra’s question made me remember the days when my foi was dying some years back and how we gathered in the next room for laughing yoga so she could hear the happy sound, I conducted a “Google Video” search of “family laughing” just to see what would come up).

Put your left hand on your stomach while you watch this, the first video that came up and when it is over write three lines describing what your body felt like while you watched it.

Write three more lines—about searching.  Use these words:  type, return [or enter], and scroll.

Rinse and repeat (revise) as needed.  I look forward to reading.