Roberto Ascalon, Pt. 1: to crunch bone like candy

For each day of National Poetry Month one of our fellows will explore the breadth of poetry in three ways: through a question from another fellow, through a poem and through a writing prompt, #writetoday.


Mg Roberts asks, What can the honey badger teach you?

Roberto Ascalon responds,

What Can the Honey Badger Teach Us?

to believe in neither gods nor poisons

to lumber pretty, sashay and bite

to crunch bone like candy

to believe dirt is water

to thicken our skins

to roll the fat night

in our mouths,

ever in our




NYC born Roberto Ascalon is an award-wining poet who has teaches across Seattle.  He is a Jack Straw and Kundiman Fellow, a two-time Seattle Slam Team member and the winner of the 2013 Rattle Poetry Prize.   He lives in an old school building with a beautiful girl, a blackboard and a cat.