Race and Belonging

July 17: Writing Race & Belonging, A Protest Poem for Trayvon Martin

To stand in solidarity with Trayvon Martin and his family and to speak on the national debate on civil rights and racial profiling, Kundiman will be writing a protest poem both virtually and as part of our Writing Race & Belonging presentation at the  Gramsci Monument sponsored by Dia Art Foundation.  Poets of color from around the country will participate in this poetic vigil for Trayvon Martin.  You'll be able to view the virtual poem as it unfolds in real time on this webpage below.  Hit the refresh button on your browser to view the updated content.

Wednesday, July 17
11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Gramsci Monument is located on the grounds of Forest Houses, off Tinton Avenue between 163rd and 165th Streets.


  • Subway: 2, 5 at Prospect Avenue
  • Head north on Prospect Avenue
  • Turn left onto 163rd Street
  • Pass Union Avenue
  • Turn right onto Tinton Avenue
  • Take first left onto pedestrian pathway leading into Forest Houses