Lo Kwa Mei-En

Tarfia Faizullah, Kenny Tanemura & Hannah Sanghee Park & Kundiman/Alice James Books Prize winner Lo Kwa Mei-en included in the Best New Poets 2013


Congrats, dear Tarfia, Kenny, Hanna & Lo Kwa!


Melissa Barrett, “The Invention of the Metal Detector”

Oliver Bendorf, “Wagon Jack” (previously published under a different title in 

Evening Will Come)

Debbie Benson, “Memory”

Michael Boccardo, “What No One Told Me About Autumn”

Michelle Bonczek, “Entering the Body”

Claudia Burbank, “TGIF” (previously published in The Antioch Review)

Micah Chatterton, “Now, Someday”

Darin Ciccotelli, “Superpower”

Meg Day, “Taker of the Temperature, Keeper of the Hope Chest” (previously published in Adrienne)

Aran Donovan, “two left feet” (previously published  in Rattle)

Tarfia Faizullah, “Self-Portrait as Slinky” (previously published in Ninth Letter)

Jennifer Givhan, “Karaoke Night at the Asylum” (forthcoming in Indiana Review)

Andrew C. Gottlieb, “Portrait: Parsing My Wife As Lookout Creek”

Mikko Harvey, “Cannonball” (poet nominated by The Ohio State University, poem previously published in Juked)

Anna Claire Hodge, “Where We Have No Business” (previously published in Copper Nickel)

Anna Maria Hong, “Four Barrels, Jaw & Locket” (nominated by Unsplendid, where it originally appeared. Also previously published in Verse Daily.)

Erin Hoover, “On the Origin of Species” (forthcoming in Gargoyle)

Rochelle Hurt, “Poem in Which I Play the Runaway” (previously published  in The Collagist)

John James, “Chthonic”

Josh Kalscheur, “Katari” (previously published in The Iowa Review)

Courtney Kampa, “Ars Biologica” (previously published  in TriQuarterly)

Elizabeth Langemak, “An Apology” (previously published  in C4)

Sarah Levine, “Birds are loosely folded napkins thrown into the sky”

Jason Macey, “Love Song for Cesar Vallejo”

Lo Kwa Mei-en, “Romance in Which Open Season Changes Everything” (previously published in APARTMENT Poetry)

Scott Miles, “Ode to the Gods of French Cinema”

Peter Mishler, “Fludde”

Gloria Muñoz, “Your Biome Has Found You” (nominated by the University of South Florida)

Lisa Allen Ortiz, “Confection”

Elsbeth Pancrazi, “What's penciled in”

Hannah Sanghee Park, “Bang” (previously published  in 32 Poems)

Laura Passin, “The Egon Schiele Art Center, Cesky Krumlov”

Jade Ramsey, “She Lives in a Pat of Butter” (previously published in Gargoyle)

Kyeren Regehr, “Eversion” (previously published  in Prairie Fire)

Stephanie Rogers, “How It Kept On”

Justin Runge, “History” (previously published  in  Rattle) 

Michael Simon, “Interstate”

Meighan L. Sharp, “Beyond Measure” (previously published in DIALOGIST)

Max Somers, “The Narrative Poem”

Benjamin Sutton, “from Footnotes on the City”

L.J. Sysko, “Just Try”

Kenny Tanemura, “Expulsion”

Chad Temples, “Waking, Waking, Singing”

Emily Van Kley, “Physical Education”

Angela Voras-Hills, “Preserving”

Corrie Lynn White, “Gravy”

Derek JG Williams, “Ode to the Tongue” (previously published in Knockout Literary Magazine)

Cori A. Winrock, “Débridement” (previously published in Versal)

Amy Woolard, “A Girl Gets Sick of a Rose” (nominated by Smartish Pace, where it originally appeared)

Javier Zamora, “This Was The Field” (nominated by New York University)


Congratulations to Lo Kwa Mei-en, Winner of the 2013 Kundiman Poetry Prize!

 2013 Kundiman Poetry Prize Announcement

Congratulations to Lo Kwa Mei-en, winner of the 2013 Kundiman Poetry Prize. The Alice James Books Board along with members of the Kundiman Board selected her manuscript, “Yearling.” Along with book publication, she will also receive $1,000 and a feature reading in New York City. 

Lo Kwa Mei-en's poems have appeared in Boston Review, Crazyhorse, Gulf Coast, The Kenyon Review, West Branch, and other journals. She earned her MFA from Ohio State University and continues to live and work in Columbus, Ohio.


The 2013 Kundiman Poetry Prize finalists were: Awake, Location by Mary-Kim Arnold, The Cumulus Effect by J. Mae Barizo, Extended Stay by Janine Joseph, This is How the Bones Sings by W. Todd Kaneko, Day of Clean Brightness by Jane Lin, In the Quiet After by Mia Malhotra, and Autumn Troupe by Miho Nonaka

Congratulations to the winner and finalists!