2019 Postcard Project Gallery

Throughout the month of March, Kundiman collaborated once again with the Poetry Coalition. For each week of March, we explored topics of Asian American immigration, activism, documentation, and solidarity in our political action calendar. Each week included a folio of poems, writing prompts, and action items. The materials were curated by Alison Roh Park, Ryan Lee Wong, Janine Joseph, and Jai Dulani, respectively.

Soham Patel also helped us to organize our annual poetry postcard project. For this project, Kundiman fellows wrote and sent postcards to each other throughout March. We helped to share those postcards on social media, and we have now gathered them all in one place for your viewing delight! Gowri Koneswaran, a fellow and participant, wrote that “so many components of this project were meaningful and necessary to me -- crafting short pieces to send to other writers in our community, eagerly looking for postcards in the mail each week, and feeling that my sentiments and words would reach someone directly rather than sit on a page awaiting their fate."

You can view the final postcard gallery here. Thank you to all of our participants, to all of our readers, and to the Poetry Coalition for inviting the creation of such vital works of art and moments of reflection.