Kundiman's First Food Writing Intensive with Ligaya Mishan!

Kundiman is presenting its first-ever Food Writing Intensive, lead by New York Times critic Ligaya Mishan! The intensive will talk about translating taste onto the page, the politics of food media, and how to think about food thoughtfully and critically. Students will eat lunch together as a class, go over other pieces of food criticism, and workshop and generate their own food writing.

Read the full details and apply here.

"This, though, is the new American palate...The briny rush of soy; ginger’s low burn; pickled cabbage with that heady funk so close to rot. Vinegar applied to everything. Fish sauce like the underbelly of the sea. Palm sugar, velvet to cane sugar’s silk. Coconut milk slowing the tongue. Smoky black cardamom with its menthol aftermath. Sichuan peppercorns that paralyze the lips and turn speech to a burr, and Thai bird chilies that immolate everything they touch. Fat rice grains that cling, that you can scoop up with your hands."
–– Ligaya Mishan,The New York Times: 'Asian American Cuisine's Rise, and Triumph