Recap Last Week's Events With LitHub's "A Report from the First-Ever Asian American Literature Festival"

Last week, writers from every corner of the world joined us to celebrate the first Asian American Literature Festival in Washington D.C. LitHub's Kyle Lucia Wu recaps the events' intimate atmosphere in her article, "A Report From the First-Ever Asian American Literature Festival."

"'No one is immune to the fantasy of authenticity,' Paisley Rekdal said. It was the last panel of the second day at the first-ever Asian American Literature Festival. Iā€™d already gotten my tarot cards read, spoken on a panel, participated in a speed-mentoring session, eaten too many carbs, and slept in a dorm room that resembled, as a friend said of the picture I texted her, a World War II hospital. I probably should have wanted to take a nap, but I was leaning forward with my chin in my hand, quite literally sitting on the edge of my seat, because I felt like she was talking to me. Over the course of the whole weekend, I felt like people were talking to me more directly than they had in a very long time," Wu writes.

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