Migration Poetry Postcard Project on NBC Asian America

NBC Asian America has published "Because We Come From Everything’ Explores Migration Through Postcards and Poetry" featuring work from Tim Yu, Tamiko Beyer, Sarah Gambito, Soham Patel and Cathy Linh Che.

"Especially in our political times, it feels so important against this backdrop to fill up these literal mailboxes with these creative messages imagining new worlds," Kundiman executive director Cathy Linh Che told NBC News. "By filling up mailboxes with these poems, it's a genuine way to get out of the very dehumanizing places the news has been taking us."

The article discusses the importance of the project, as well as the many different interpretations of 'migration' by our fellows.

"Some people are writing poems about anger and how to survive migration. It's a challenge because many people are feeling angry or disempowered or feeling like all we can do is react to policy," Che said. "But instead of being a place of reaction, this project is a space of action and creation."

For more information on the Poetry Coalition's Migration Poetry Postcard Project, click here.