Kundiman is Participating in Poetry Coalition's 2018 Programming

Light: lifted, I stretch my brief body. 
Color: blaze of day behind blank eyes. 

Sound: birds stab greedy beaks
Into trunk and seed, spill husk

Onto the heap where my dreaming
And my loving live.

Every day I wake to this. 

—Tracy K. Smith, U.S. Poet Laureate  


Kundiman is excited to announce that we will be taking part in the Poetry Coalition's Where My Dreaming and My Loving Live: Poetry & the Body. The Initiative will launching in March 2018, and is the Poetry Coalition's second annual programming initiative with a theme of social importance. Programs will include a range of events and publications that address issues including mass incarceration, transphobia, violence against people of color, and health and self-care. 

Learn more and stay updated on the project here.