Janine Joseph has two poems up at La Fovea!

Congrats, Janine!


After the flood

– after Nazim Hikmet



Said my father who dove and rode the sea

        on a turtle, who speared a squid 

and held it up so I could see, my name 

        was Freedom first. What he held

I put my ear to after waking.


For the full text, click here: http://www.lafovea.org/La_Fovea/janine_joseph.html


A finalist for the 2012 OSU/The Journal Award in Poetry and Alice James Books Beatrice Hawley Award, Janine Joseph’s poems are forthcoming from or have appeared in Kenyon Review OnlineAsian American Literary ReviewBest New Poets 2011, Hayden’s Ferry ReviewThird Coast, and elsewhere. She also wrote a commissioned libretto, entitled “From My Mother’s Mother,” for the Houston Grand Opera’s “Song of Houston: East + West” series.  Janine is a PhD candidate at the University of Houston.