Sarah Browning's 2012 Split This Rock poem of the week highlights include poems by Zohra Saed, Purvi Shah, and Tarfia Faizullah

Congrats, dear Zohra, Purvi, and Tarfia!

Kandahar,” by Zohra Saed, August 3
I have found myself taken by very short poems this year, and this is another tight lyric that packs it all in.
Kandahar –
............Was once a cube of sugar
Refusing to dissolve in the sea.
It became a city from sheer stubbornness.


Questions of identity, cultural appropriation, beauty, and the body roil together in this gorgeous poem:
of daughters walking towards a foreign
house, parents looking askance, blurred.  
They say: absence is a color, the deep
brown of life which is always receding.



Reading Tranströmer in Bangladesh,” by Tarfia Faizullah, April 20
A model of a poem incorporating the words of another poet to great effect. Tarfia’s book, SEAM, recently won the Crab Orchard First Book Award. We await its 2014 appearance with anticipation!
I let in 
the netherworld. Something 
rose from underneath. I sit,
wait through my cousin's

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