Kundiman faculty Aimee Nezhukumatathil makes the list of fabulous non-NYC-based writers--up at the Tin House blog!

Roxane Gay rounds out a list of non-NYC based writers for the Tin House blog.

"There is a tendency to place the center of the writing universe in New York City. This is understandable—countless writers live there. Have you heard about this magical place called Brooklyn? The media certainly has. Most agents and publishers are based out of New York, there are countless reading series and other trappings of the literati. There’s a certain glamour to the city and what it means for writers. And yet. A little known fact is that there are countless writers living in the rest of the country. 

East Coast Love: 

Outside of New York City, writers live throughout the rest of New York State. There’s memoirist Daniel Nester (How to Be Inappropriate), Tina May Hall  (The Physics of Imaginary Objects), and poet Aimee Nezhukumatathil, whose poetry (Lucky Fish) about identity and motherhood and the natural world are as intimate as they are intense."