Jason Bayani's book Amulet is forthcoming in April 2013

Major congrats, Jason!

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Amulet By Jason Bayani

Jason Bayani, pulls at the threads of his culture and upbringing to deliver his most powerful collection of poems born out of an irreconcilable sense of home that exists on opposite ends of the Pacific. It is spun out of opposing forces; of the Filipino and the American; of the artist and the paycheck collector; of the clenched fist and the open hand; of one who embraces and embodies an inherited language, and knows only less of the one written on his skin. Bayani’s work pulls the reader in with writing that is empathic and brimming with a wide-eyed attachment to beauty that is painted from the guts, and then beckons you to take him up on the offer presented at the end of Broken Crown of Sonnets for the End of the World, “that you might remember me a place in this world.” Coming April 18, 2013