Call for Submissions: Storyscape

Dear Storyscape Fans,

We are writing to announce that:

1. we're open to it

We are now once again reading, listening to, and viewing: submissions, this time for the highly anticipated and much-rumored-about-in-dark-bars  ISSUE 5!  

Please visit the site for submission guidelines, and pass along the news to your friends. 
As usual we are looking for the unusual.  Please send us your craftiest.

2. everybody just be cool

For those of you who made it to the ISSUE 3 journal launch party and remember Ken Cormier's fabulous performance of "Everybody Just Be Cool" alongside his Storyscape piece "The Sounds of Lunch" will be thrilled to know that this song (among others) is now available from Itunes.  His CD of hits is called Nowhere is Nowhere.

That's all for now!

happy storytelling,
Storyscape Journal