Kundiman has a robust internship program with positions in Communications, Development, Grant Research & Administration, and Programs. This is a great opportunity to gain hands-on experience with an organization that supports writing communities and to gain experience in the literary arts. We love our interns!

Each position offers a $750 stipend with possibility of renewal, and we place our calls online three times a year: July for the fall semester, November for the spring semester, and April for summer. The commitment is 15 hours per week. 

Applications are now open for the fall semester through august 12th


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Former interns with Kundiman staffers.



The Communications intern helps to support Kundiman's programs by disseminating information through our website, emails, e-blasts, social media channels, brochures, and press releases. The Communications intern reports to the Programs & Communications Manager and to the Executive Director. They must be based within commuting distance from NYC.

We’re looking for candidates with:

  • An interest in Asian American writers and literature
  • A desire to work within a community of writers and arts workers
  • Alignment with Kundiman's mission and core values
  • Excellent verbal, written, and visual communications skills, including the ability to draft warm, professional, and timely emails, write clear and informative copy, and create compelling graphics. All communications should be free of grammar and usage errors and should follow professional conventions 
  • The ability to work independently, as well as with others, manage time, and meet deadlines
  • An attention to detail

Duties include:

  • Drafting copy for e-blasts, website, and other promotional materials
  • Implementing Kundiman’s publicity plan across traditional and social media platforms
  • Attending NYC programs and helping to create a digital archive of the program 
  • Other tasks reasonably requested by Kundiman

Development Intern

The Development intern connects Kundiman to individual and institutional supporters, which is vital to the sustainability of Kundiman initiatives. Candidates must be based in the New York City area and will report to the Development Manager.

We’re looking for candidates with:

  • An interest in learning the ins and outs of non-profit fundraising
  • Desire to work within a community of writers and arts workers
  • An interest in Asian diasporic literature
  • Strong verbal and copyediting skills
  • Ability to manage time and multiple projects, meet deadlines, and focus on detail

Duties include:

  • Researching and identifying donors that match our mission
  • Assisting with fundraising efforts
  • Analyzing trends in Kundiman donorship and updating donor database
  • Helping to organize donor events, including annual Benefit
  • Drafting development copy
  • Other tasks reasonably requested by Kundiman

Grants Research & Administration Intern

The Grants Research and Administration intern helps research, organize, and support tracking systems for Kundiman's government and foundation grant application. The Grants Research and Administration intern works 15 hours a week and reports to the Grants Manager.

We’re looking for candidates with:

  • An interest in Asian diasporic literature
  • Strong verbal and copyediting skills
  • An interest in learning the back-end work of non-profit grant writing
  • Desire to work within a community of writers and arts workers
  • Ability to manage time and multiple projects, meet deadlines, and focus on detail

Duties include:

  • Researching foundations and grants that Kundiman could apply to
  • Organizing and editing grant language from previous proposals in a grants language bank
  • Maintaining and updating library of testimonials and quotes about Kundiman's programs
  • Assisting with the preparation of grant proposals and artistic samples
  • Researching grants and identifying granters and foundations that match our mission
  • Maintaining a calendar of grant deadlines
  • Other tasks reasonably requested by Kundiman

Programs Intern

The Programs intern helps to organize readings, workshops, and public events that develop Asian American literary culture. They report to the Programs & Communications Manager and must be based within commuting distance from NYC.

We’re looking for candidates with:

  • An interest in Asian diasporic literature
  • Strong verbal and copyediting skills
  • Ability to manage time and multiple projects, attention to detail, and ability to meet deadlines
  • Desire to work within a community of writers and arts workers

Duties include:

  • Assisting with promotion and execution of national programs
  • Liaising with staff and regional chairs to develop programming
  • Attending Kundiman programs and public events, and assist with logistics and social media
  • Documenting, recording, and archiving media and data related to public programs
  • Other tasks reasonably requested by Kundiman

Intern Hall of fame


Cristina Pardo
Development INtern (Spring '18)

My internship at Kundiman has nurtured me both as a professional and as a person. I have learned how to develop lasting and fruitful relationships between an organization and its supporters by connecting to the whole human being, and caring about our donors as people. This care is extended to the workplace – never have I felt so welcomed in a space as I have at Kundiman. They focus as much on teaching development skills as they do on nurturing your individual talents for the non-profit sphere. The mentorship I received at Kundiman has boosted my confidence in my professional abilities and has connected me to a supportive network of people in the field that will last far past my tenure as Development Intern."

Aaron Lascano
Programs Intern (Spring '18)

"My work for Kundiman brought me into a community filled with thoughtful, caring, and purposeful individuals. Whenever I attended a reading or workshop as part of my duties, I would find myself moved not only by the profundity of the art that was being voiced, but by the warmth of the people giving voice to the art. Kundiman's community is deeply joyful: there is a widespread and genuine eagerness to not only welcome newcomers, but to uplift them, to celebrate their efforts and accomplishments, and to provide guidance and comfort as needed. From stalwart protest, to rich discussions of cross-community solidarity, to hilarious fusions of karaoke and poetry, Kundiman and its community remain steadfast to their social mission of raising Asian American voices and to their personal mission of making everyone feel valued. That well-balanced dedication is something that I expect to find myself reflecting on for years to come. In that way, I think that my time at Kundiman has been every measure as rewarding as it has been changing."

Rebecca John
Grant Writing Intern (Spring '18)

"As an intern at Kundiman, I discovered a staff and community that was beyond eager to support my growth, development, as a writer, as a grant-writer, and simply as a human being! It was a great space to be in as someone trying to figure out next steps in my life. Here are some of the things the Kundiman community supported me with during my time as an intern: pointers on writing workshops I could take part in NYC, coaching time with grant writers, the opportunity to attend an Asian American caucus at the AWP conference, a plethora of retreat and residencies to apply to for free, Asian American literature recommendations, and much more!"

LR kunidman.jpg

Lily Rugo
Communications Intern (Spring '18)

"Being able to find and be a part of the extensive network of Asian American poets and authors was so much fun this past spring. I love working with a small, welcoming staff who all believe in the same cause. I never knew this community existed, and found it so heartwarming to see how the Kundi-fam worked together to help promote, congratulate, and work with one another. Kundiman is an amazing resource for writers and the community, and I'm glad I was able to help contribute to it in some small way."

Justin Joseph
Development INTERN (fall '17)

"I came to Kundiman after working at a non-profit also dedicated to Asian American stories, and so I arrived with deep care for the cause. As an intern, I learned about managing a donor pool and the necessity of development work for a non-profit. I came to understand the importance of cultivation in the present and projection towards the future. What I enjoyed most was seeing how Kundiman was, in every sense of the word, a community — the way it would not only mobilize to raise for financial campaigns but also support its members mentally and emotionally. I saw this firsthand at the annual benefit which I was able to staff. The tangible sense of family that Kundiman fosters is both necessary and powerful, and being part of it felt like coming home." 
NadineSantoro (1).jpg

Nadine Santoro
Communications Intern (Fall '17)

"It was such an honor to be a small part of Kundiman's vibrant community this fall. I feel like I have a deeper understanding of what goes into the various aspects of literary arts management, even beyond communications! Working with such a small staff in a virtual office was an amazing learning opportunity, and the collaborative nature of the internship grew me both personally and professionally. Most of all, Kundiman taught me the importance and the incredible power of community. I'm so grateful to have had this opportunity."

Jamaal Armstrong
Grant Writing Intern (Fall '17)

"Interning for Kundiman has been a great way for me to learn new things and be supported by such a diverse, nurturing, and wonderful community."  

Trina Estavillo
Programs INtern (Summer '17)

“My time at Kundiman was an extremely rewarding experience both professionally and personally. Through my internship, I gained valuable program-management skills with a staff that truly cared about my growth, and consistently offered me opportunities to progress. As an intern, I was also exposed to a large (and growing) network of talented Asian/Pacific American writers that I was initially unaware of. Each day, I found myself interacting with a community that understood that the AAPI experience is unique, diverse, but often unheard, and uplifted each other's voices in order to change that. I am so grateful having been given the opportunity to develop my interests, while also engaging in such an important work."