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Asian American Specularity: Robots Speak Back!

Asian bodies are often depicted as robotic, mechanical, and reflective of futuristic anxieties, but Asian American speculative poets have continued to rework "machine" tropes in poetry, film, and other genres. Re-writing such persistent tropes in contemporary science fiction film and literature, this WisCon 41 poetry reading will feature five Asian American poets with recent books and chapbooks—Vidhu Aggarwal's The Trouble with Humpadori, Ching-In Chen's recombinant. Noel Mariano's Dispatches from the Mushroom Kingdom, Margaret Rhee's Love, Robot, and Timothy Yu's 100 Chinese Silences. Aggarwal, Chen, Mariano, Rhee and Yu will share feminist speculative poetry, considering alternative futurisms, recombinant texts, and speculative media projects.