2019 Kundiman Fellows Crowdfunding Campaign

Help Kundiman Fellows Attend the 2019 Retreat! Kundiman is excited to welcome new and returning fellows to the 2019 Retreat, and we're asking for support to ensure that all of our fellows will be able to attend. Our annual Retreat will take place at Fordham University's Rose Hill Campus located in the Bronx, NYC from June 19-23rd, 2019. Our hope is that fellows will forge a deeper relationship to their artistic process and encounter their work with renewed focus and energy. Though room and board are free, tuition and travel expenses can sometimes prove prohibitve for fellows. Donations directly fund fellows' tuition and travel expenses.

In 2018, Kundiman ran a successful campaign that raised $1,578.75 for fellows' tuition and travel costs. These vital contributions ensured that our fellows were able to gather with us to participate in art and community. Every donation matters: a gift of $5, $10, or $20 goes a long way towards completing our 2019 fellows crowdfunding campaign! Please donate today to support a 2019 Kundiman Fellow!

Help Kundiman's Mission in the New Year By Donating Today

Kundiman Fiction and Poetry Fellows at the 2018 Annual Retreat.

Kundiman Fiction and Poetry Fellows at the 2018 Annual Retreat.

Giving Tuesday 2018 was a wild success! Over the span of two days, 92 generous donors participated in our fundraiser, 34 community members shared our message to their networks, and a total of $12,500.00 was raised, 50% of our total goal, not including Facebook and Paypal's matching pledge.

As the new year approaches, we need your help to raise the remaining $12,500. Please, continue to give, continue to share, continue to bring our organization and its services to more members of our community by taking one of the actions below:

There are plenty of other ways to help, too! We would love it if you can:

  • Re-share our posts for the existing Kundiman campaigns and include a short message on why you stand with Kundiman.
  • Suggest to your networks to Like and Follow Kundiman across social media platforms.

As always, thank you for all you've done already and all you will do to usher Kundiman into the new year!